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Having your brand and service top of mind at any given time is an incredible advantage to increase brand awareness and grow your business. If you have great content that should be shared with customer, social media is the perfect platform.

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In an ever-changing technology workplace, social media has now become one of the most popular methods for businesses to communicate with customers. Social media allows you to broaden your reach by not only targeting your current followers, but also their friends and associations. We perceive these followers as brand ambassadors to your business. Though many argue the difficulty in measuring a true ROI for time and costs for Social Media, it is still a great brand recognition platform and shouldn’t be overlooked. The number of users across social media is growing at a rapid rate, which is why we always encourage businesses not to dismiss this added digital channel.

A recent study of Australian internet users found more than 3 in 5 now use social media, with almost half of users logging on daily and some more than 5 times a day. Australian Facebook users are spending more than 7 hours on the site every week, and the smartphone is now the most popular way to access social networks, taking over from the laptop computer1. With consumer mobility usage increasing daily, social media will continue to dominate the marketplace for businesses.

Main benefits of having a social media presence

The main benefits why businesses, small through to large, are entering the social media world:

How we can help your business

We can help your busienss with a range of tailored services for your social media business pages.

How best to handle negative comments on social media

Whilst having your brand across social media channels can be hugely beneficial, there can be risks associated, such as receiving negative feedback, facing public scrutiny from activists, or even competitors pretending to be customers or activists. No matter how good your product or service is, or how well your team works, there's a high likelihood that you will receive negative comments on social media. It's unavoidable. And if you don't want angry tweets or Facebook posts to ruin your brand. This is why it is just as important in learning how to handle negative customer feedback.

With social media always in the public eye, it is critical to know just how to respond, the language best used in your response, and next steps to the resolving the situation.

Piccolo Digital can work with you to understand the situation, identify response tactics, and ensure the best possible outcome for your brand.

For more information on how we can help your business in social media, contact us on 0404 393 109 or send us an enquiry.

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