Database Management

Does your database like to fill up on junk?

Having an accurate and clean list of customer and prospect details ensures your messages reach the right person and for the right reasons. By knowing what your audiences looks like and where to tailor your messaging will dramatically increase conversions and engagement. The hardest part is knowing where to apply this data and how to grow a your database, without feeding it junk.

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Understanding the power behind utilising your subscriber database is one of the most important advantages of any business. With a rich dataset of customer and prospect details, then can you truly target specific needs to specific audiences. This flow on affect will see a dramatic increase in engagement between you and the client or prospect, and more importantly an increase in revenue.

Through standard webform generation, CRM systems or email hosting platforms, we can help you grow your database from scratch, and set up campaigns along the way to nurture them in your relationship-building process. We can also investigate your existing database to cleanse the list and throw away the junk, to then only focus on gathering more accurate data.

Why all businesses need a clean database

We find many businesses gloat about having a large database of contacts, however, delving a little deeper we often discover that the list and attributes associated to the data have less than 50% of actual relevancy to its audience. A junk database provides no value to your business and significantly affects your campaign tracking results by providing inaccurate stats from a non-engaging audience that was never yours. This is often the case from businesses that have purchased lists from suppliers or accumulated lists from other businesses or staff. We blow caution to the wind in these instances as spamming acts and privacy complaints can result in heavy repercussions.

No one wants to be spammed about a product or service they never asked about. It's just impolite.

We can help you build on your database… the right way

There's nothing more engaging than communication that is personalised and relevant to your audience needs and wants. It is about quality not quantity. Having a rich database will allow you to nurture your contacts through the customer or prospect funnel. All of which contributes to ongoing relationships and engagement, resulting in repeat business, brand ambassadors and positive word of mouth.

Ensure your CRM System draws you the right picture

Having an up-to-date, clean database is imperative for any business looking to cooperatively work from one central system. This also ensures full transparency across departments and colleagues which will better streamline your business workflows. We’ve helped both small and large businesses improve their content relationship management systems to increase efficiencies and structure customer details for several departments (i.e. Customer Support, Sales, Accounts and Marketing). This transparency will become apparent when a customer is contacted by your team with information from previous notes saved and data inputted. This type of operation will build a stronger relationship with your clients.

We can also look to implement new workflows in efforts to improve on your existing communication channels from the information you have from your CRM.

For more information on how we can help grow your database to increase conversions, contact us on 0404 393 109 or send us an enquiry.